Click Ball - Cigarette flavour capsules

Click Ball capsules are used to flavour cigarettes and other tobacco products, such as Heets or Glo refills. This proposal is a response to the May ban on the sale of flavoured cigarettes - including the extremely popular menthols. Importantly, Click Ball is not only mint - but the capsules are also available in seven original flavours that will surprise you with their deep and fresh aroma!

A new version of the well-known ball

Flavouring balls are a product known and appreciated by smokers - they have long been used in ready-made cigarette packs. Available as a standalone product, they present you with new opportunities! Thanks to them, you can easily get a flavoured version of your favourite cigarettes. Moreover, a wide selection of original aromas will provide you with a completely new, unprecedented taste experience.

Not only mint! Discover the palette of original flavours!

The taste of intense peppermint is just one of the available proposals! The offer of aromatic capsules also includes compositions with a hint of fruit - mint with intense berry, and apple enriched mint... Enthusiasts of new flavours will also appreciate the mix of mint and the cult cola. The Click Ball offer also includes capsules with energy drink flavour, a composition of cherries with blueberries and refills with a distinctive red wine aroma.

Simple application and immediate effect

The undoubted advantage of Click Ball is its simple application. Each package comes with a handy needle that will allow you to place the capsule quickly and easily in the filter. The effect is immediate - just squeeze the ball with your fingers and your favourite flavour will spread all over the cigarette!

Safe composition and natural aromas

Click Ball is an uncompromising product that perfectly combines deep taste and safety of ingredients. The capsules are made of substances commonly used in the food industry, and their recipe is complemented by carefully selected natural flavours.

Quick refreshment wherever and whenever You want!

Click Balls are available in handy packages, that You can take anywhere. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the tasty refreshment anytime! Since the capsule is applied to a single cigarette, you do not have to decide to change the taste of the entire packet.

Sounds interesting? Discover Click Balls and choose Your taste!

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